Why Food For Fit?

Food For Fit is a brand that serves healthy foods and beverages. With its team and customers that embraced a sustainable healthy lifestyle, Food For Fit continuously improves its menu and follows the latest healthy living trends. Utilizing an organized preparation system, fresh ingredients, and correct baking techniques, Food For Fit offers freshly-made daily products.

After practising a healthy lifestyle for approximately fifteen years, Food For Fit’s founder and CEO Güran ATAKER decided to use his consciousness about body, spirit, and mind to curate a carefully selected list of meals to form Food For Fit's menu. Güran ATAKER commits himself to vegetarian and vegan diets. He follows and experiences all the healthy lifestyle trends. Thus he ensures that the trends are reflected in Food For Fit's menu.

The evaluation criteria for a product to be listed on the menu are the following; a customer's emotional experience, product's price/performance ratio, and most importantly its nutritional values. Each product gets prepared in the most correct and suitable way possible and offered to the likings of Food For Fit’s customers.

Being the leader in the market and developing new products which are hard to produce in a household environment that adds healthiness, time, and quality to a customer are the leading motivations of the brand.