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About Food For Fit

Food For Fit focuses on providing healthy and nutritious menus that follow particular nutrition principles oriented towards an active and dynamic lifestyle. Food For Fit first opened its doors in Kyrenia TRNC in March 2017 and in April 2018, as a continuation of the concept, 3RD Generation Kyrenia launched. Following this, in October 2019, the third branch of the brand launched in the capital city Nicosia which combined two concepts and in July 2020, the first foreign branch of the brand launched in Nişantaşı/Teşvikiye, Turkey. On top of nutrition for active people and menus that cater to vegetarian, vegan and particular nutrition principles, Food For Fit’s product range includes quality coffee and desserts that even diabetic patients can easily consume which are imported from 29 different countries.

Our Uniqueness

Our unique recipes are created by professional athletes, expert chefs and certified dieticians according to the dietary requirements of athletes and people with health problems. (Diabetes, Obesity, etc.) None of our products has trans-fatty acids, refined sugar or white flour. Ingredients like refined sugar and white flour are associated with cardiovascular diseases and cancer. We prepare food according to the World Health Organization (WHO) macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals) guidelines. We use the latest technology ovens that enable us to deliver pleasing flavour without using any substances that can be harmful to human health. Our product range includes over 180 foods and beverages.

All of our recipes, baking processes and baking methods are developed by us. Our ingredients are regularly checked by dieticians and their protein, carbohydrate, fat and calorie levels are analyzed. By doing so, we enable our consumers to track their macronutrients. With its wide and unique product range, Food For Fit differentiates itself from other restaurants and stands out as a modern and upright nutrition centre and social club that can cater to all consumer groups.

Our Stores & Brands

Food For Fit - Sliema, Malta

Food For Fit Malta front.

3RD Generation - Kyrenia, Cyprus

3RD Generation - Kyrenia, Cyprus front.

Food For Fit - Kyrenia, Cyprus

Food For Fit - Kyrenia, Cyprus front.